King Breaks Free With Cell

Just finished the audiobook version of Stephen King’s Cell. This is the first time I have been able to listen to a King novel before reading it.

I listened to the last disc on the way home tonight. I really enjoyed the story despite the substandard narration. The audiobook contains obvious edits. Terrible and Andrew Stevens has done the weakest reading of a King audiobook I have heard to date. Man, this would have so much better had King or Jeffery DeMunn had been tapped for the narration!

This is definitely a return to King’s earlier work and he lays the gore on pretty good. I loved the last half of the book and have no quibbles with the science King used to prop up the story. Its only window dressing and I was more interested in the characters. The last couple of chapters were awesome and very tense.

As for the ending – frankly – I LOVED IT!

Can’t wait to read the book now.