MRI Bound and My Descent From Olympos.

Anti-inflammatories are my new best friend. The swelling is greatly reduced and what is left is fluid accumulation. Stairs are still problematic but at least I have regained most of the range. The knee joint is still tender and feels tight. An MRI is due sometime later this month but the doctor’s best guess at this point is a ripped meniscus lining. We shall see.

Just finished reading Olympos the concluding sequel to Dan Simmon’s Illium. The scope of these two books is staggering. Mixing an earth in the far-flung future where technology allows for the recreation of the Greek Gods, Mount Olympus, and the Trojan War; plus cybernetic robots from the far reaches of the solar system and evil creatures out of literature of Shakespeare.

Simmons proves his mastery of writing by mixing these disparate elements into one rip-roaring tale. Read it – you will revel in the work of a maestro.


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