BSG Continues To Impress!

Finished the Season 2.0 boxset of BattleStarGalatica and in a word- whoa! This series is dark and grim beyond belief. The overall tone of the show is used to great effect. The overall darkness of the series is used to maximum effect so that when brief fleeting glimpses of human courage, compassion, and dignity are shown they blaze with blinding glory. This show has choked me up several times.

The characters have big flaws and they are often displayed, warts and all, for everyone to see. Who would have believed that a cheesy 70s mullet infested TV series could become the springboard for such a mature and grim series. Its like Apocolypse Now in outer space.

The boxset contains the first 10 episodes of season 2 and hangs on a major cliffhanger. In the U.S. they have continued season 2 about a month ago. Here in Canada, we have just started the second season but the good news is that we will be getting all 20 season 2 episodes with no break. Now I just have to wait until mid-March for the series to catch up to me! 😦

HIghly recommended.

On the knee front the anti-inflammatories have done an amazing job and I have gone from not being able to bend my knee and put any weight on the leg to near full range and loosing the crutches. The knee is still tight and tender but markedly better. Tomorrow I will find out my options on further treatment.


3 Responses to “BSG Continues To Impress!”

  1. lonesome_crow Says:

    Sheesh, Lou, what did you do to the knee? Sounds bad.

  2. olddarth Says:

    Yeah its a chronic issue ie osteo-arthritis that has slowly crept up over the last few years. Not too surprised – my grandfather had knee problems and so does my dad. On its own the twist I gave it in hockey was not severe but its a culmination of various things.
    The anti-inflammatories have done an amazing job at getting the swelling down. The knee has leveled out but I still cannot put full weight on it and stairs still present a problem. Find out today from the knee specialist what my options are. My preference is to to something proactive today rather than later.

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