A Minute Moment of Serendipity

The last two weeks I have been flying out to Calgary for work. On the flight in this morning I had one of those small but intense moments where a myriad of unrelated natural and technological items came together to leave me buzzed.

On the way down to Calgary the plane seem to float in a clear blue sky over an endless vista of aching white clouds. As the jet began to descend for landing through the clouds my iPod shuffle happened to cue up The Lighting of the Beacons track. This track is one of many brilliant ones from Howard Shore’s soundtrack for the Return of the King. As we descended through the clouds the track built up into a dizzying frenzy of strings and just as we burst through the clouds the track burst out in a brass chorus at the exact same moment. The synchronicity of those disparate events caused the hairs on my arms to stand up.

A small moment. One that only I would cherish. But it is moments like that which make each of us the unique individuals we are.

It was a rush that I will always cherish.


Carrie – The AudioBook

Just finished listening to the Carrie audiobook read by Sissy Spacek. Well done, spooky reading by Spacek. Must have been a kick for her to revisit this character after so many years.

BTW audiobooks are great especially if you are a commuter like myself. As far as King material goes, I really enjoy his readings of his own material. I highly recommend Bag of Bones – he does an awesome job on this.

To Drool For…..

Is this not a thing of beauty! The first of three upcoming releases of the full score from the LOTR movies.

First up is The Fellowship of the Ring on Dec 13th.

Here are the track listings:

Disc One
01 Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All
02 The Shire
03 Bag End
04 Very Old Friends
05 Flaming Red Hair
06 Farewell Dear Bilbo
07 Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
08 A Conspiracy Unmasked
09 Three Is Company
10 The Passing of The Elves
11 Saruman the White
12 A Shortcut to Mushrooms
13 Strider
14 The Nazgûl

Disc Two
01 Weathertop
02 The Caverns of Isengard
03 Give Up the Halfling
04 Orthanc
05. Rivendell
06 The Sword That Was Broken
07 The Council of Elrond Assembles Featuring “Aníron (Theme for Aragorn and Arwen)” Composed & performed by Enya
08 The Great Eye
09 Gilraen’s Memorial
10 The Pass of Caradhras
11 The Doors of Durin
12 Moria
13 Gollum
14 Balin’s Tomb

Disc Three
01 Khazad-dûm
02 Caras Galadhon Featuring “Lament for Gandalf” performed by Elizabeth Fraser
03 The Mirror Of Galadriel
04 The Fighting Uruk-hai
05 Parth Galen
06 The Departure Of Boromir
07 The Road Goes Ever On… Pt. 1
08 May It Be Composed & performed by Enya
09 The Road Goes Ever On… Pt. 2 Featuring “In Dreams” performed by Edrward Ross

Also is an additional disc which includes the entire soundtrack in 5.1 audio.

Can’t wait!

Review of King’s Colorado Kid

My review of Stephen King’s

Colorado Kid

is up at Horror Reader.

Won A Copy of Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman !

Woohoo! Just received an email from HarperCollins via the SFsite website telling me I had won a copy of this. Looking forward to it as I have heard good things about it.