Watched Unleashed last night. You know the one where Bob Hoskins keeps a dog collar on Jet Li until he wants Li to kill someone.

It was a hoot. Probably the best showcase for Li to show his emotional range, which he did quite well. Hoskins looks like he was having a ball, chewing scenery indiscriminately at every turn. Freeman plays a blind variation of the same role he has done in a lot of films lately – no narration from him this time though.

The dual threads of the film – the Hoskins one and the Freeman one – are interesting. The Hoskins side is quite well done. The Freeman thread never totally worked for me. BTW what was with the daughter and the screwed up hair do? Looks like she just got out of the shower.

The fights scenes were well done and the wire work was kept to a minimum. Loved the fight between Li and the dude in the close quarters washroom ie they are literally nose-to-nose with no maneuvering room.

A enjoyable flick with more emotional underpinnings to it than this type usually aspire to.


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