TV DVD BoxSets Rule!

After devouring the first Season of Lost on DVD and then going back to regular TV to watch Season 2 I have decided that regular TV viewing is over for me. The difference between watching a show in high quality video and audio, commercial free, and with no irritating station watermarks – animated or otherwise, is too good to ignore. From now on I am taping Lost and then watching it by FF through the commercials. Watching Lost on DVD is such a pure experience. Watching it on TV, I almost lose the mood at times because of the lengthy breaks.

Just finished Season 1 of BattleStar Galatica on DVD. Another great show. Took till the last three episodes before I was totally hooked. The second season comes out on DVD in December – which is great.

I tell ya – watching TV seems more like a waste of time than ever before. With DVDs, you get a superior presentation which you can watch at your leisure and pace.

Now to get that Kolchack boxset…


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