Horror Reader Review Is Up

My review of Kealan Patrick Burke’s – The Hides is up at Horror Reader; http://www.horrorreader.com/horror_reader/2005/09/irish_terror_hr.html#more

While there check out the site. Johnathon Williams has done a great job setting up the site and has attracted some impressive contribtors such as Steve Vernon, Daniel Robichaud, Mark Justice, and David T. Wilbanks.

I am a little cog against some big wheels here and am very fortunate to be included with such august company!

My fiction writing has stalled badly for several reasons, none of which stand up to close scrunity in the cold hard light. Sigh – discipline, dude. Discipline.

Which reminds me, I have to get in a submision to CD ASAP.


2 Responses to “Horror Reader Review Is Up”

  1. steve_vernon Says:

    Yes, but you are a mighty little cog.
    And why the fuck are you sitting there reading this when you ought to be writing???
    Yah, mule, yah!

  2. olddarth Says:

    Ouch! You need to be my personal trainer!

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