Sept 1st – My New’s Year Day

For a long time I have always felt September 1st was the real New Years Day. When I was younger it marked the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. It also marked the start of the new TV season which was a big deal for me one at one time.

Today start dates on many things have blurred for various reasons as everyone tries to get a leg up on the competiton.

Still the end of summer is Sept 1st for me. And the end of summer is the real year end. The world gets ready for another winter slumber and life slows down to a certain degree even in these now seemingly constant hectic days.

The Festival of Fear was a mixed bag. Friday was great. The crowds were reasonable and I got to see a lot of celebrities close up and snap their pictures. Also had a lengthy discussion with Brian Keene which was great. Brian truly demonstrated how generous he was time and time again.

Saturday was a bust. My five year old and the wife could not handle the crowds – which were significantly larger. So the day was cut short and I missed hooking up with everyone that night.

Reworked my short story and got it back on track. I am almost finished it but more edits are in place. My inexperience at writing really showed up here. The original vision I had and the story I was writing, diverged greatly. Till I get a better handle on my visions or story ideas – outlining is a tool I will start using.


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