Odds and Ends

Finished a flash fiction for the latest Horror World contest. The theme was dog days of summer.

The short story has stalled – dammit – I need to revisit this as it has gotten away from me.:(

Looking forward to this weekend’s Festival of Fear. There is going to be a get together Saturday night of fellow Shockliners – Brian Keene will present as well.

Working on more flash fiction and reviews for Horror Reader as well.


Busy, busy, busy

The short story got shoved to the side as other writing committments came up.

I am fortunate enough to be a contributor to Johnathon Williams’ HorrorReader website – http://www.horrorreader.com/.

You can see my reviews for City of the Dead and Long Horn, Big Shaggy there.

BTW – he is looking for two more contributors.

Also sent in my latest column for the CD email newsletter, wrote a 300 word story on local legends, and mapped out a story for Hellnotes flash fiction contest.


Plus I added ~ 250 words to the short story. It needs to be revised already as I realized it has wandered away from the path I meant it take.

Words On The Street – Toronto – Sept 25th

This looks like fun – http://www.thewordonthestreet.ca/toronto.php.

I plan to check this out.

If anyone has gone before let me know what you thought.

Life got in the way yesterday so no writing on the short story until today.

Here is the tally:

The Photocell Phantom
Total words: 1109
New words: 375

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,109 / 3,000

At the rate this is going the story length will probably surpass the 3000 word mark. I seem to be constantly under-estimating!

The Beat Goes On and On….

Picked up the threads of this fairly quickly after being diverted by other priorities.

The Photocell Phantom
Total words: 734
New words: 363

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
741 / 3,000

Kid Brother Walks Down The Aisle

The little one has taken that long walk down the aisle, left his single care free days behind, and embraced the bonds of matrimony. It is done. And it was done well.

Tina and I were out of town this past weekend to attend my kid brother’s wedding. It was an awesome day with beautiful sunny skies and little to no humidity. The service was great, the reception amazing, and the dinner left us stuffed. The joining of Dutch and Italian cultures went extremely well.

Kudos to my mom, who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer. She is two treatments in and was really concerned about being able to attend. She did splendidly and with this out of the way I hope her stress level will go down so she can concentrate on getting well.

On more mundane matters, the latest installment for the CD Weekly newsletter has been sent off. Tomorrow it is back to the short story.

Still Plugging Away

Got about about 600 words on my CD column. A little research slowed me down.

Finished reading Walpuski’s Typewriter by Frank Darabont – fun short novel. It won’t win any prizes but I quite enjoyed it.