Flash Fiction

Woohoo. Knocked off a flash fiction story in one sitting. Yeah I know, not that big of a deal but I am new enough at the game that finishing anything is still exciting. The limit is 500 words and my story topped out at 403 words.

Zokutou word meter
403 / 403

Entry is not due until the end of the month. I will let this sit for a couple of days and then revisit it.
Maybe I will try some other ideas I had.

In the interim, I need to decide on my next project. Should I start a novel? Daunting but it is probably time to step up and grab the bull by the horns.


2 Responses to “Flash Fiction”

  1. steve_vernon Says:

    Hey Lou,
    Congrats on the short-short. I always have fun with those, even though I’ve only written a few. And completing anything at a run is always a novelty worth savoring.
    Should you start a novel? Why not? You’ll learn more from just completing a solid full length manuscript than all of the writing workshops in the universe. Go for it, buddy.

  2. olddarth Says:

    Thanks for the motivating message Steve!

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