A Silly State of the Union

Watched the XXX sequel last night. Totally hilarious, loud, mindless, and most importantly – a lot of fun. Put this in the guilty pleasures category. I watched this with a big grin on my face most of the time and laughed out several times.



Nothing to report the last few days. Been on vacation since Wednesday so time has been short. Went to Marineland yesterday. Our five year boy loves rides so I have been exercising my Riding Muscle, so to speak. Going on thrill rides like roller coasters and such uses what I call the Ride Muscle. This muscle atrophies quickly. Rides that you once were able to fall asleep on, now induce the cold sweats. Keep the Ride Muscle in shape and you can tackle the highest coaster peaks with minimal fuss. I am happy to report that my muscle is quickly getting back in shape!

Getting Too Old For This….

Spent most of Sunday recovering from my kid brother’s bachelor party. The 18 year gap between us was never the more evident than during that night. The itinerary included the renting of a limousine which took us into Toronto from Port Perry. Port Perry is a small town about 45 minute drive to TO. 10 of us, including our Dad piled in and off we went. The normally quick drive turned into almost a two hour trek as there were constant requests for pit stops and smoking breaks. Being one of the few nonsmokers this was about the only annoyance that got to me over the night – thank God no smoking was allowed in the limo!

Anyhow, we hit a couple of bars on the Esplanade and so forth and had a great time. Then when we were ready to leave the phone number for the limo was incorrect. The driver wrote down the wrong number for his cell phone!!?!??!?!?! Unbelievable. Tired of waiting I hoofed it back to where the driver had dropped us off. It was with great relief that I found him there, not knowing if he was going to move to park the car elsewhere. We drove to where everyone was still milling and loaded up.

By the time we got back it was 04:00 am. I crashed at my brother’s for a couple of hours and then headed home. The rest of Sunday was spent trying to recuperate and reclaim lost sleep.

A very unproductive weekend.

Started a new short story today. Off to a solid start – 375 words.

The Photocell Phantom
Total words: 375
New words: 375

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
375 / 3,000

Revisions, revisions,…

Not much to add, except that I am almost done….

I hope.

Bye Scotty

…and so the heroes of my childhood slip away…

No word count today. Still working on revisions on the short story.

Last, but not least, my latest column can be found in this week’s CD newsletter. It contains a review of two lessor King movies – Pet Sematary and Riding the Bullet.

More Revisions

Took a final pass on the flash fiction. Spruced up a few parts and ended with a final tally of 498 words.


Spent the rest of the writing time revising the short story. This going to take a bit of work. Mixed tenses and too much passive voice.


Flash Fiction Revision

No word count today. I reviewed my flash fiction story this morning. Reading it I found that the last third of the story trailed too far away from the theme. So this morning I reworked that section to bring it back inline and reinforce the theme. Of course, this necessitated some reworking of the other sections to have the whole thing hang together and flow well.

Final tally is 484 words and IMHO a much better story.