Batman Begins!

Batman Begins Rules! Awesome, awesome flick! What a cast – from Bale, Neeson, Caine, Oldman, Freeman, Hauer, and Holmes. They all deliver.

The movie almost borders on being a horror flick at times. The Bat is scary and he scares the crap out of the bad guys. Highly recommended and I cannot wait to see it again!


Thought of the Day

Mankind developed language because of a deep need to complain.

Just wanted to reiterate my thanks to the good folks over at Horror-Web. I received the WHC goody bag from the recent NY convention and it is an awesome haul:

HC of The Mysteries by Lisa Tuttle
PB of After the Elephant Ballet by Gary Braunbeck
Evolutions #1 Comic Book
Lorelei Comic Book
PB novelization of Freddy vs Jason
Convention Program
Covention Schedule
Space and Time magazine issue #99
Dracula’s Ball CD
Plethora of flyers, bookmarks, book catalogs, and a convention beer bottle opener

all perched inside a smoking canvas carrying bag!

Lots of cool stuff to wade through!

Thanks Peoples!

Terminal by Brian Keene

Got this on Tuesday, finished it this morning. The first book I read by him was The Rising – a zombie book some of you might have heard about.

Terminal is a great read. To say the main character, Tommy had a hard life would be an understatement. A real page turner. The last fifty pages are heart rending – man the stuff that goes down there, unreal.

There are some good laughs too, mostly from John. Have to admit I felt my age – I am Beatles, Springsteen, Doors, Led Zepp kinda of guy – as the music references meant nothing to me.

All in all, an excellent book, and a nice showcase for demonstrating that there is more to this man than zombies.