Flotsam & Jetsam

Knowledge is realizing that the street is one way; wisdom is looking in both directions anyways.

Various little bits of unconnected thoughts here:

– season finale of Lost was well done and ended at the hatch like you knew it would. Reactions have been interesting and deserve a separate entry of its own, down the road.

– reading Steve Shrewsbury’s – Godforsaken – good romp with echoes of Gladiator and Ben-Hur in it.

– just received Brian Keene’s Terminal this morning and devoured five chapters at lunch time. Great read so far. I also have his Fear Of Gravity to wade through.

– listening to Stephen R. Donaldson’s – Runes of the Earth. It is amazing how much more you pick up when you have to work your way through a book at someone else’s pace. When I read the book I missed some details in my fervor to finish. It is a great book – Donaldson writes characters and events that possess such passion that it is almost exhausting. Ah but what great rewards await those who follow his stories. And what an ending – the two years plus wait is already unbearable.

– the new Batman movie opens soon and everything I read has gotten me quite optimistic. A nice counter to the post Star Wars prequel trilogy depression that I have been left with after seeing ROTS. As an overall exercise, these films have pushed the technical envelope but man oh man the writing has been so bad. Characters, logic gaps, contrived plot points all have tarnished the SW mythos for me. The most damning thing I can say is that I have no desire ever to see the PTs again.

– TV shows on DVD are addictive, the chance to watch shows at a quality level never seen without commercials when one chooses is great. I just finished the first season of The Greatest American Hero. Cheesey? Oh yeah. But the interplay between the three leads is still great and I had a lot of fun revisting this. I plan to get the other seasons as well. Beware the commercial releases have substituted songs with replacements due to music clearance costs. Sometimes unobtrusive but far too often blatant ie when direct references are made to a song which now is no longer heard.

That is some of the items taking up my brainwave bandwidth at the moment.



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