Return of the Sith – It Doesn’t Suck

Never in cinematic history – and probably never again – has a movie been released that will carry the big Get Out Of Jail Free card like ROTS has.

This movie is the reason why the PTs were made. Short of a total screw up any filmed version of the Vader’s birth will resonate with movie audiences. And why not? Many have been carrying an emotional bucket of that moment in their psyche for over 20 years.

The good news is that the movie delivers on that moment. The great news is it managed to throw in a couple of surprises. The bad news is that the fight does not match the physical level of the Maul fight – the higher ground scenario is a very weak end to the fight – and does not match the emotional level of the ROTJ showdown.

Since the movie contains that treasured moment and finally, finally SHOWS the relationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan it elevates itself slightly above the previous two installments.

There are design choices, – such as the idiotic robot voices – continuing logic gaps, poorly written dialogue, and plot that continue to undermine the believability of the movie.

I hope – and it looks like it – that the many SW fans are happy with the results. Either that or the hype is clouding everyone’s judgement. Interesting to see how it is judged in a couple of years.

I liked it more than the first two and am glad it is over. It is an OK movie but not a good movie. Lucas is ready to move on and so I am. And so I will.


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