Lost Rocked Tonight!

Superb episode tonight! Kate’s backstory gets cranked up quite a bit on the tragedy meter and the writers make you fluctuate as to the depth of empathy you have for Kate. Nicely setup and executed. Even Sawyer was fooled. Kate was given alot more emotional connective tissue tonight.

The mystery of the toy plane was solved and Walt confessed to Micheal about the boat.

Hurley was great blowing Kate’s secret to Locke!

Next week looks awesome as well. The French lady returns with a dire warning of the ‘OTHERS!’

‘You have three choices. Run. Hide. Or die!’

Whew – what a rollercoaster ride tonight!

Oh yeah – I kinda liked tonight’s show.


One Response to “Lost Rocked Tonight!”

  1. steve_vernon Says:

    Oh yes, I truly dig this show!

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