Lost Resumes and My Latest CD Review went out – Carnivale

Here we go, the last mad dash to the end of Season One for Lost. Last night Locke revealed he was the one that had knocked out Sayid when he was trying to triangulate the source of the rescue message. We got Sayid’s backstory as to how he ended up on the plane – a fill in the blank piece. Good to know and one of the first back stories that did not hold my interest. Possibly because I was far more involved in what was transpiring on the island.

For awhile it seemed like the show was going to answer one small question and dodge a bigger one. There was a nice tease with the hatch. Locke seemed to sidestep Sayid’s question when he referred to the hatches on the plane. Sayid reacted like he bought the explanation and dropped the issue. Then at the end of the show he confronted Locke and demanded that they go see the ‘Hatch.’ Loved the reverse bait and switch they did here.

Also, my review of the Season One DVD set of Carnivale is out in the Cemetery Dance weekly newsletter. It is free so sign up and I hope you will enjoy my review. I think its a great show. HBO does produce some quality TV fare.


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