Friday Ramblings….

A bad word whispered will echo a thousand miles.

Its been a pretty dismal couple of weeks weather-wise. Lots of rainy, grey days with the same forecast for this weekend. And its been pretty damn cold as well. Just above freezing this morning which had the car dressed up in a sparkling negligee of frost.

Looking forward to seeing Hitchhiker’s Guide next week. Finishing off reading Bryan Smith’s House of Blood and it has been a great read, light and entertaining. Pounding away on a couple of short stories and a novel idea is still percolating in my hindbrain. I need, and want, to finish a couple of short stories from an accomplishment point of view before tackling a novel. To that end, I have decided to leave for work a bit earlier and have an uninterrupted hour of writing time before starting the work day. Worked out well this morning as I managed to type ~ 400 words this morning. If I can do this on a consistent basis the words should pile up appropriately.

I also need to work on my next review for the Cemetary Dance weekly newsletter. It will be a comparison piece between Robert Wise’s and Jan De Bont’s cinematic versions of Shirley Jackson’s – The Haunting of Hill House.

Oh and have to finish and send off the tax returns by midnight Saturday. Yippee! Lots of fun.


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