Do The Hustle!

Saw Kung Fu Hustle last night. What a hoot. It lampoons, obviously, Kung Fu movies. It is liberally sprinkled with tongue in cheek jabs at fantasies, Steve Chow’s Shaolin Soccer, Superman I ie Marlon Brando in the clouds, and the Burley Brawl from the second Matrix movie – and does a better version of the Brawl as well. There is a very funny knife scene that literally had me in tears. Add in dashes of Keaton and Chaplin and the whole thing makes for fun night at the movies. It plays like a real life Looney Tunes.

If you have seen Chow’s Shaolin Soccer, this is the same vein. Unbelievable and over the top stunts that would make Bugs Bunny or Wile E. Coyote feel right at home.

Warning for those that can not stand it – this movie is running with subtitles. Not an issue for me and there really is not a lot of dialogue.


4 Responses to “Do The Hustle!”

  1. lonesome_crow Says:

    Ha! That sounds excellent.
    I noticed in your user info that you are in Ajax. I’m in Pickering. We (a bunch of horror writers) are having a little get together in Toronto June 3rd, at the Old Spaghetti Factory. 9 pm sharp. You’re more than welcome to come.

    • olddarth Says:

      Hi Neighbour!
      Thanks for the note and the invite. Is that get together for writers only? Just a breeze shooting session I take it.
      BTW I have read some of your stuff – very good. Quiet yet emotionally powerful.

      • lonesome_crow Says:

        Re: Hi Neighbour!
        Thanks for the kind words. Appreciate it.
        The get together is for anyone interested in talking horror, SF, books, art, etc. Just a bit of an excuse, really, to have a couple drinks and talk. Not sure who will be there. Seph Giron and me, for sure.

  2. olddarth Says:

    Great! I will mark it down and run it by the boss!;-)
    When the date gets closer we can see about heading down together or as a group if there is any such interest.
    Thanks again.

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