Silk by Caitlin R. Kiernan

Back when I met Bev Vincent he was praising a book he was reading – Murder of Angels by Caitlin R. Kiernan. I took a chance and bought the prequel Silk. It is a very accomplished first novel.

Kiernan has a mix of Lovecraftian and urban punk style writing that leaves me very impressed. She peoples it with characters living life styles that I am not familiar with at all and made me emphatize with them. A neat trick when you can take a square boy like myself, cut from Riche Cunningham/John Boy Walton sensibilities, and make him feel comfortable with the whole goth, grunge, urban and alternate life styles of the book.

The horror elements are introduced subtly and are a dramatically interesting mix of power and fragility. I look forward to reading MOA.

Thanks for the tip, Bev!


Lost Continues To Entertain

You are not what you have done. You are what you will do.

Boy, Lost continues to whack episodes out of the park on a consistent basis. Last night’s installment with Sawyer really added some interesting layers to his character. At the same time it interwove the characters on the island together even more so. Add in some great cameos and you have top notch entertainment. The writing on this show continues to impress.

Second CD Column Appearance

Woohoo! My second column – a review of the Resident Evil4 video game – made this week’s edition of the Cemetery Dance column. Yeah baby!