Cue James Brown – I Feel Good!

My first column ran with yesterday’s Cemetery Dance weekly newsletter. Quite a rush. Brian Freeman is allowing a bunch of us to submit reviews of anything we want and in any format we want. There are no guarantees anything we write will make it into the newsletter. So no expectations and no promises. Could anyone ask for a better relationship – work or personal? Now I have the carrot of writing something in an eyecatching enough way to get me into a regular writing routine. I am very grateful to be even a small part of the venerable and respected Cemetery Dance group.

BTW – my first contribution was a review of the ABC TV series – Lost. Hope it piques curiousity for the uninitiated and is received kindly by those that bother to read the whole thing.

Sent in my second contribution and am starting work on third. My goal – one column a week. It will not be easy but it is a good discipline building goal. If I stick to reviewing movies, TV shows, etc I should be able to make it. The real crunch will be trying to sneak in the occasional book review.

Ah well, it is a predicament I am happy to be dealing with.


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