Synchronicity Again!

What can turn an ordeal like a root canal into a thing of joy? A snowstorm! Because of that bad weather, my eight am appointment did not start until nine. Instead of being finished at ten I was finished at eleven.

Where’s the good news in all of that? Well I live in Ajax a small city 25 miles east of Toronto. If any of you know the area you know the east/west route for travel is limited to one major highway – the 401. Traffic volume is so bad that if someone were to spit out of a car window, traffic will grind to a halt. So a half decent snowstorm turns a forty-five minute drive into a three hour trek!

The endodontist who did my root canal was further east from my home in Whitby. So my first foray out into the snow was against traffic and took maybe five minutes longer than normal. Of course, when I got there the endodontist was late by an hour so I got to read a couple more of Jack Ketchum’s short stories in his colleciton entitled – Peaceable Kingdom while I waited. When I was done at eleven, the worst of the traffic was still on the highway so I took an alternate route home, stopping off to get some anti-inflammatories, the first which I needed to take right away.

By noon, the prescription was filled and I went home to call into work to explain my delay. At work I was told that the drive time was around the three to four mark. We mutually agreed that there was no sense in coming for the afternoon.

Beautiful! I love when a plan comes together!


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