Sheepish Return

What can I say? No entries since October. Pitiful does not cover it. Best to duck my head down and trudge onwards…

So where was I – ah yes. Finished off King’s Dark Tower series and closed the book – so to speak – on a group of characters that have been sharing a journey with all the other readers for over twenty years. To say that the end is a bittersweet moment is an understatement to be sure.

Speaking of bittersweet, I have the extended edition of the Return of the King in my hands. Another end of a truly remarkable journey. One can quibble with some of the story telling decisions that deviate from the book but the overall result is one of the most amazing cinematic journeys I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. A instant classic series that will only grow in stature as time passes. As an adult these movies have given me a rush that the original Star Wars sparked when I was much younger. I truly believed such feelings would never be rekindled. That gift from the LOTR movies was unexpected and most welcome.

While some journeys end, others have resumed. After twenty years or so, Stephen Donaldson, has resumed the Chronicles of Thomas Convenant. The Covenant series, and most of Donaldson’s writing, is filled with
fully fleshed out characters. I highly recommend his Gap Series.

To be continued…


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