Waiting for The Runes of the Earth

Finished my re-read of the First and Second Chronicles of Thomas Convenant. Stephen Donaldson has a unique writing style which really explores the internal struggles of his characters. He fully explores the passions and thoughts of his main characters.

After a 20 plus year hiatus he is returning to the Land. It will be interesting to see how much his writing has changed since the last installment. With four books in this installment, he figures it will take him ten years before the last book is out. I like the synchronocity of this series starting up again and the Dark Tower series just finishing.

Should be getting Runes of the Earth in the next week or so. Can’t wait!


Another Fan of the Lost

Finished watching the last episode of Lost. Add me to growing list of fans. The last show concentrated mainly on Kate – who is on track to become as popular as Farah did from Charlie’s Angels. We still do not know what her crime is. We do find out she is Canadian – Yay!

Interleaving of story lines continues to be done effectively and new questions are fed to the pot on a regular basis and in interesting ways. The demise of one character has had repercussions for three of the characters. That moment was excellently choreographed. The doctor is the one whom has been hit the hardest.

Given the sad state of TV todays – with reality shows (which I detest) and the endless streams of CSI and Law & Order clones – this has been a major breathe of fresh air.

Finished The Rising Back To Thomas Covenant

Finished The Rising by Brian Keene. With the ending – which really is not an ending, a sequel is no surprise. Think the end of Song of Susannah here.

A movie based on this book would have to be R and maybe even NC17 if they stay true. It is ultraviolent and filled with black humour.

Enjoyed the book quite a bit. Keene is a definite player no doubt. Reading this reminded me of when I picked up and read Carrie for the first time. I have that same vibe going where I thought this Stephen King is worth keeping an eye on. Then came Salem’s Lot and watch out. Is Keene up to challenge? We’ll see with the sequel.

Back to Thomas Covenant White Gold Wielder – just in time for next month’s Runes of the Earth!