Contrasts:First Posting and Last Book in Dark Tower Series

How’s that for a first journal entry subject header, eh? Forgive me the eh – I am Canadian!

It is an interesting place to be right now. My first online post and I find myself coming to the clearing beyond the path with the release of Stephen King’s Dark Tower 7. Like many other readers this has been a long journey spanning many years. For myself it’s been around twenty I believe.

Right now I’m up to page 416 and so far the book crackles. King is not wasting any time and has gone for the jugular from page one. There have been some amazing developments to say the least! I have experienced the whole range of emotions already and face the rest with a mixture of dread and anticipation.
King is in top form here. Right now this book looks ready to supplant DT3 as my favourite in the series.

I have a 45 min to hour commute each way to work. This past year I have become a confirmed audiobook listener and what a relevation! Right now I am working my way through the DT series. Up to The Wolves of Calla. Hearing books, especially by the authors, gives you that extra insight into the characters. King did some great work here. I also recommend his reading of Bag of Bones. I was so-so on the book. After listening to King’s reading I am much more impressed. It also helps reinforce plot points as I have come to realize I would skim sections of a book to get to the next juicy section.

Readings in progress:
The Rising by Brian Keene
From The Borderlands anthology
White Gold Weilder: book 3 of the second chronicles of Thomas Convenant: rereading to refresh my memory for the upcoming Runes of Earth
Shutter Island by Dennis LeHane

For now I’ll use this space to capture my thoughts on books, movies, music etc and life events that strike me.


2 Responses to “Contrasts:First Posting and Last Book in Dark Tower Series”

  1. pdxgrrrl Says:

    Hi Lou,
    This is Sunflower from Bev’s board. I added you to my Friends list. Hope that’s okay.
    I loved listening to SK read “Bag of Bones.” I listened to that on my car stereo and would try to take the long way home just so I could listen to big sections of it. Good stuff.

    • olddarth Says:

      Hi Sunshine!
      Not a problem and hopefully you’ll find them occasionally interestging! King did a magnificent job with his reading of Bag of Bones did he not?! Really increased my appreciation for that book.
      Take care!

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